Welcome to the profiles of Holy Trinity and All Saints, Southport.

Holy Trinity


Thank you for your interest in the worship, ministry and mission in our parishes in Southport.

We would like to invite you, in the following pages, to consider whether we might be the parishes for which God is calling you.

As you consider our profiles, pray that the Holy Spirit may be opening your mind to the opportunities for mission and ministry here.


Our Growing Relationship between the Churches

‘Two acorns in the hand of God,who knows what mighty things He may accomplish’

Possibilities for a link between the parishes of All Saints and Holy Trinity began in early 2017 with the prayerful realisation from the LML at All Saints that his small parish had limited opportunities for mission. The Diocesan vision of ‘Bigger Church – Bigger Difference’ could be accomplished by All Saints joining in mission with Holy Trinity, the neighbouring parish of a not dissimilar size although somewhat demographically different.

The potential was further explored and proposals to develop the relationship were agreed in autumn 2017 by both PCCs – to start working together and to build up relationships for mission.
Since that time there have been various invitations for preaching at All Saints which is due to be reciprocated by Holy Trinity. In addition there have been social events that have involved parishioners from both parishes and regular meetings with the LML and Holy Trinity wardens to agree the content of this document and other prospects for advancing this evolving relationship.

At a recent meeting, it was heart-warming to find that both PCCs were intermingled – indistinguishable from one another – but working together in God’s name to further sustain the bond that already exists.

We are excited about the possibilities – would you like to be part of God’s work here?

All Saints

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