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Mission Statement

Trinity is a place of worship, meeting and quietness in a distracted world. Its people are seeking to grow together in the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ and are working to extend his kingdom of justice and peace. You are welcome to join in our fellowship and service of others.

Encouraging things are happening at Holy Trinity!

  • We have a growing congregation giving generously to the needs of the Church and the wider world.
  • We have a distinct form of worship and the strong musical tradition that attracts members from the parish and well beyond.
  • To help us be more effective, we are training more people to be involved in the life of the Church and in service to the community.
  • We work with Christians of other denominations and would like others to know more about the faith we share here.
  • Children and young people make our regular Family Communion Service a lively and enjoyable occasion.

Worship Services

8.30am Holy Communion
10.15am Parish Communion (First Sundays in month are usually a Family Communion with children taking part)
10.15am Sunday Club (For 3 year olds upwards – on all except first Sundays and school holidays)
6.30pm Evening Worship

11.30am Tuesdays  –  Holy Communion
7.15pm Wednesday –  Choral Evensong
11:30am Friday – Morning Service

(e.g for Saints Days): as announced

Practising members of other Christian denominations are invited to receive Holy Communion. If you are not confirmed but would like to receive a blessing please come forward with other communicants and place your hands below the altar rail. We hope you will join us for refreshments in the Parish Centre after the Service

Church Growth

  • Churches grow when people discover them, find something important to them in them, and stay with them.
  • Churches grow when their members live out, in their lives with other people, what they have found in the Christian Gospel.
  • Churches grow when they are inviting and welcoming places, in which worship has some sparkle and maybe some holiness to it, and in which you find a lively concern to explore faith and link it to our lives and our world.

What else is going on? Quite a lot actually

  • We have finished the restoration of the church building to make it safe and usable for the next generation.
  • The social calendar has events throughout the year and our Parish Centre hosts many activities.
  • Strong links have been formed with several agencies in the community including Southport College, YMCA, CVS, NHS and Light for Life.

Please Join Us

We belong to Trinity because it brings strength and a deeper meaning to our lives. Christianity is about a new beginning whatever our circumstances and hope for the future however young or old we are. If you want to know more, come along to one of our services: we shall be delighted to see you.


Saturday, July 14th 
10.00am – 2.00pm.
Please pick up your envelope from the back of Church.
Regular worshippers at Holy Trinity, in recent years, have become acutely aware of how important our annual Gift Day is to maintaining the finances of the church on an even keel and in continuing to preserve our beautiful building or update the Parish Centre. The Heritage Lottery Grants have paid for a considerable amount of ‘necessary’ work but there are always ‘other things’ that need doing or, as in recent years, have been put on the back burner as more crucial work has become apparent and overtaken what was planned – repairs to our clock faces come to mind.  The date for this year’s Gift Day was set way back last November when Rod was chairing the PCC. We rely on the generosity of everyone involved at Trinity and this has been unwavering over the last few years. We are hopeful that this year we can be equally reliant. There are envelopes ready at the back of church which we hope you will pick up this morning.(Whilst we endeavour to name each one, there are also blank envelopes available for anyone who may have slipped through our net – for which, apologies) They can be returned to church on Gift Day (between 10am – 2pm) where the Wardens and/or our marvellous ‘stand-in clergy’ will be happy to receive them, posted or on any Sunday after that. Gift Day also is the day of the Cream Tea Recital by our choir so you may like to stay and enjoy the music. Please remember that we can claim Gift Aid on donations from people who are taxpayers which can add a significant amount to the final total. Nancy Hart (our Treasurer) or Joan Marston (her assistant) will be pleased to advise you if you are unsure whether you have registered for this.

Thank you in advance. Anne & Vicki

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